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Happy New Year from the “New Guy” at ARI

Jason Bateman, ARI’s new director of Development Operations, is embracing his role as the “New Guy” at ARI. “I’m excited to help take ARI to new levels of expansion and reach,” Bateman says, “as we leverage our mighty group of donors and supporters in the fight for reason, individualism, rational self-interest and liberty.”
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#TradingTuesday Mission — Accomplished!

As the world celebrated a national day of giving, #GivingTuesday, on November 28, ARI launched its own campaign, #TradingTuesday, in honor of what Ayn Rand calls the “trader principle.” We encouraged fans of Rand to advance their values by contributing to ARI's Free Books to Teachers program. The program places Rand’s novels in the hands of students across the country.
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A Grateful Teacher Receives Free Ayn Rand Novels

Each year, the Ayn Rand Institute distributes hundreds of thousands of copies of Ayn Rand’s novels and nonfiction books to schools through our Free Books to Teachers program. Putting a book directly into the hands of students is a powerful way to expose them personally to Ayn Rand’s ideas. Most of these books are sent by mail to middle schools, high schools and colleges across the United States and Canada. So it’s a rare treat when we can deliver the books face-to-face.
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Turn Giving Tuesday into Trading Tuesday

Since 2012, the Tuesday following “Black Friday” has been publicized as “Giving Tuesday.” Touted as a remedy for the selfish commercialism of the holiday shopping season, the idea is that charitable contributions (“giving back”) will relieve the guilt you're expected to be feeling.
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Test Your Knowledge with ARI Campus Quizzes

Did you know that many of the courses on ARI Campus have multiple-choice quizzes embedded in the lessons? In this post we’ll focus on courses by Leonard Peikoff, while in a subsequent post we’ll look at material from other instructors.
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The Atlas Project Update

Recently I was in New York with Greg Salmieri to broadcast the tenth regular episode of The Atlas Project, on the occasion of our completion of the first section of the novel, “Part I: Non-Contradiction.” In our New York City classroom in a Fifth Avenue skyscraper, overlooking Central Park, we met with one of our largest groups of in-person attendees.

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