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ARI’s Steve Simpson Concludes Freedom Tour

At the end of October and beginning of November, Steve Simpson, director of Legal Studies at ARI, set out on a nationwide speaking tour to defend free speech. “Free speech is increasingly under attack today,” noted Simpson. “After the election, the right is more important than ever. But if we don’t defend, we will lose it.” In eight days, Simpson participated in ten well-attended and well-received events — seven talks, two panels and one debate — addressing hundreds of people, mostly students. Several of the talks were organized by student chapters of the Federalist Society, and Simpson distributed copies of his recently released book Defending Free Speech to attendees.
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Steve Simpson on Threats to Free Speech

What is the state of freedom of speech in America today? In this special-edition episode of The Yaron Brook Show, Steve Simpson, director of Legal Studies at ARI, takes on threats to free speech such as campaign finance laws, the culture of sensitivity on campus and government abuses of our right to speak.
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Steve Simpson, what are you working on?

In November, ARI’s director of legal studies, Steve Simpson, will be on ARI's “Road to a Free Society” tour. Across the country he will be giving a talk titled “Cronyism, Corruption and Government Power.” Is there any truth to the claims that our government is corrupt and cronyism rampant? In his talk, Mr. Simpson will argue that there is something to the issues of “cronyism,” but not in the way that most people think.
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Introducing ARI’s Summer Legal Fellowship

ARI announces its new summer legal fellowship, an internship program that allows law students to work alongside ARI’s policy intellectuals. Legal fellows will research and write on law and policy issues, working with Steve Simpson, director of legal studies, and other ARI intellectuals.

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