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End the Debt Draft: How the Welfare State Is Exploiting Millennials [Video]

If nothing is done, the bill for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will bankrupt Millennials and their children. But support for these programs is strong among the elderly and the young alike. In this talk delivered as part of ARI’s Road to a Free Society tour, best-selling author Don Watkins argues that this support is based on a handful of myths, and that if Americans knew the truth about the welfare state, they would not want to save it — but abolish it.
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Why My Debate Opponent Gets Everything Wrong

Last Tuesday I kicked off a series of debates against welfare state supporters in order to let young people know about the Debt Draft and why the only moral solution is to abolish the old-age welfare programs — Social Security and Medicare — that are drafting my generation and my daughter’s generation into debt.
Government And Business

Don’t drug companies have rights?

In a recent op-ed Judith Stein of the Center for Medicare Advocacy explains why she thinks government should lower drug prices for Medicare recipients. The article is worth reading because it is an example of a pernicious assumption that permeates most health policy discussions.

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