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Onkar Ghate on Selfishness

In this episode of Selfish for Success, Steve Orma, a psychologist specializing in insomnia and anxiety, interviews philosopher Onkar Ghate. In the interview they discuss typical confusions about selfishness; the objective conditions for a flourishing life; the need to critically question conventional morality; and, the nobility of businessmen.
Foreign Policy

Chemical Weapons in Syria and Emotion-Driven Foreign Policy [Video]

Was President Trump right or wrong in deciding to bomb a Syrian airfield in retaliation for the government’s use of chemical weapons against citizens? When a similar question arose in 2013 on President Obama’s watch, Ayn Rand Institute executive chairman Yaron Brook recorded this prescient video, questioning whether the use of chemical weapons threatens American interests.
Culture And Society

Don Watkins on The Rubin Report, Part 1 [Video]

In the most recent episode of The Rubin Report, Don Watkins explains why Ayn Rand is such a controversial philosopher, what makes Watkins tick as an intellectual activist, the demonization of businessmen, the moral meaning of life, Objectivism and libertarianism, the unselfishness of Donald Trump and more.
Foreign Policy

Elan Journo on The Federalist Radio Hour: Fighting Islamic Totalitarianism [Audio]

What is ARI’s distinct view on foreign policy? Does the U.S. suffer from a “self-esteem” problem? What is the nature of the threat of Islamic totalitarianism? Is Iraq a “military failure”? What does rational egoism look like in foreign policy? Should the U.S. be the world’s policeman? These are some of the questions that Elan Journo covers during his interview on The Federalist Radio Hour.
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Andrew Bernstein at El Foro Objetivista in Guatemala

On August 8 and 9, 2016, Andrew Bernstein, Objectivist philosopher and author of books such as The Capitalist Manifesto: The Historic, Economic and Philosophic Case for Laissez-Faire, will deliver no less than three lectures at El Foro Objetivista (The Objectivist Forum) in Guatemala.

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