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More from Amanda Maxham on Her New Podcast, Rise & Fall

Now that her new podcast has launched, Ayn Rand Institute research associate Amanda Maxham is planning future episodes of Rise & Fall: How Ideas Move the World. “It’s important for me to always be learning and exploring,” Maxham said, “and for me this podcast is a tremendous opportunity to do that. I’m overwhelmed by amount of compelling and interesting content we have in audio archives — it’s hard to choose where to go next. But that’s a great problem to have.”
Science And Industrialization

Rise & Fall [Episode 2]: Nature’s Deadliest Killer

“. . . it’s true that malaria, for example, has killed probably, by some estimates, half of all humans that have ever lived . . .” (Amesh Adalja, M.D.) The recent outbreak of Zika (a mosquito-borne virus) in the United States brings mankind’s battle against mosquitoes and the diseases they carry to the forefront. We have many tools we can use to fight mosquitoes, like DDT and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), so why aren’t we using them?
ARI News

Amanda Maxham Talks About Her New Podcast, Rise & Fall

“I’m a huge fan of podcasts,” said Amanda Maxham, host of the new Ayn Rand Institute podcast Rise & Fall: How Ideas Move the World. “The best ones are determined by the quality of thinking expressed in them. I’ve often listened to podcasts about some topic I’m interested in and think how much more compelling they would be if they included an Objectivist perspective.”

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