Government And Business

In Defense of Monopolies: How Antitrust Criminalizes Business Strategy [Video]

In this talk, Ryan Krause, assistant professor of Strategy at the Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University, explains that non-coercive monopolies can and do exist on a free market, why non-coercive monopolies are benevolent, how business strategy is essentially a plan for achieving a monopoly and how antitrust law criminalizes the essence of business strategy.
Government And Business

How Does Objectivity Apply to the Law? [Video]

The safeguards provided by an objective legal system hinge on a proper understanding of what objective law is. In this lecture, Tara Smith, professor of philosophy at the University of Texas and holder of the BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism, will clarify objectivity itself — not in epistemological detail, but in application to everyday living — and then chart its requisites for a proper legal system. We will see how the function of government sets the terms for the just exercise of state power and how confusions about objectivity result in its corruption.
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National Debate Tournament: Resources for Debaters

Each year, high school debaters go head-to-head to qualify for a chance to compete in the National Speech & Debate Tournament. This year, debaters qualified by making persuasive arguments on topics ranging from whether employers should be required to provide employees with “living wages” to whether or not the United States should commit ground troops to combatting ISIL. In June, top competitors from 110 districts across the country will gather in Dallas, Texas to showcase their skills for the chance to win college scholarships.
Government And Business

“Inequality: Should We Care?”

We're told that the gap between the rich and poor is growing. How should we judge that news? Should we care about it? In this debate against James Galbraith of the University of Texas, Yaron Brook, executive director of ARI, challenges the conventional assumptions about inequality, what drives it, and what should be done about it.

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