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We promote and sponsor a variety of meetings, classes and discussions throughout the United States and abroad.

Date Speaker Description City / Venue
January 20 3:00 PM ET More Details Ben Bayer Objectivism Q&A

STRIVE’s Objectivism Q&As offer students the opportunity to ask questions of experts in Objectivism.

Online Via Zoom More Details
January 23 6:00 PM CT More Details Yaron Brook Free Speech and the Internet

Yaron Brook will discuss the recent debate on free speech and the internet.

Austin, TX University of Texas; Crum Auditorium; 300 W Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard More Details
January 24 7:00 PM CT More Details Tal Tsfany The Ayn Rand Institute's Impact and Future

Public event with ARI's CEO Tal Tsfany hosted by Austin Objectivism meetup group.

Austin, TX Mi Madre's; 2201 Manor Road More Details
January 26 11:00 AM CT More Details Tara Smith University of Texas at Austin School of Law Federalist Society Free Speech Symposium

Dr. Tara Smith will participate in the symposium panel "Chilling Effect and Suppression of Student Speech". This is a private event and attendees must be registered.

Austin, Texas University of Texas at Austin School of Law More Details
January 28 6:00 PM ET More Details Yaron Brook Inequality Empowers Individual Responsibility

Public talk hosted by the Mercer University Students for Liberty Chapter.

Macon, GA Mercer University; Willingham Auditorium; Adams Street More Details
January 29 11:30 AM ET Yaron Brook Free Market Revolution

Private event for students and faculty of Mercer University.

Macon, GA Mercer University; 1501 Mercer University Drive
January 31 4:00 PM PT RSVP

Harry Binswanger

Keith Lockitch

Tal Tsfany

Ayn Rand's 114th Birthday and The 50th Anniversary of The Romantic Manifesto Celebration

Join ARI staff to celebrate Ayn Rand's 114 Birthday and the 50th Anniversary of The Romantic Manifesto. The event will also be live-streamed on ARI's YouTube page.

Santa Ana, CA Ayn Rand Institute RSVP
February 04 1:10 PM Yaron Brook Private Event

Private event for Westminster School students.

London, UK Westminster School
February 05 4:15 PM Yaron Brook Private Event

Private event for students and faculty of St. Paul's Girls School.

London, UK St. Paul's Girls School
February 06 12:55 PM Yaron Brook Private Event

Private event for students and faculty of Alleyn's School.

London, UK Alleyn's School


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Cleveland, Ohio

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