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We promote and sponsor a variety of meetings, classes and discussions throughout the United States and abroad.

Date Speaker Description City / Venue
April 25 More Details

Onkar Ghate

Aaron Smith

Bishop Berkeley and the Problem of the External World

Private class for students in the Objectivist Academic Center (OAC)

Online More Details
April 30 More Details Steve Simpson Panel Discussion “On Liberty on Campus: Does Freedom of Expression in Education Still Have a Chance?”

Private event

Vancouver, BC, Canada Civitas Society Annual Conference More Details
May 03 10:00 AM More Details Yaron Brook Ayn Rand and the Virtue of Selfishness: Philosophy to Live Your Own Life

Public event, fee

Tokyo, Japan Marunouchi Building 8 F, Room 1, 2-4-1 Marunouchi More Details
May 04 2:00 PM More Details Yaron Brook Ayn Rand and the American Political Culture

Public event, free

Kyoto, Japan Doshisha University, Imadegawa Campus, Ryoshinkan Building More Details
May 16 7:00 PM More Details Tara Smith The Pursuit of Happiness – and Tools for Attaining It

Public, free

Warsaw, Poland More Details
May 18 7:00 PM More Details Tara Smith The Virtuous Egoist

Public, free

Krakow, Poland More Details
June 10 8:40 AM ET More Details


The Objectivist Summer Conference

Annual conference hosted by ARI June 10-15

Pittsburgh, PA Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square More Details
June 16 3:30 PM ET More Details Don Watkins Morality of Capitalism

Public, fee

Atlanta, GA Omni Hotel at CNN Center, 190 Marietta Street NW More Details
September 28 Details Soon

Yaron Brook

Atlas Shrugged Revolution Dinner

A special event from the Ayn Rand Institute

New York, NY Details Soon




Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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