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“Anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today.” — Ayn Rand

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Do you want to live in a world that values reason, individualism, freedom and progress?

Our mission is to create a culture where individuals are free to pursue their own happiness. The key to such a culture is the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand’s ideas have already changed millions of lives. With your help, these ideas can change the world.

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Promote Ayn Rand’s Books

More than 10 million students have read Ayn Rand, thanks to ARI’s programs. Help us put Ayn Rand’s novels and nonfiction into the hands of every student.

Advance Ayn Rand’s Ideas

Our leading Ayn Rand experts champion reason, rational self-interest and laissez-faire capitalism. Help us produce books, events, and social media campaigns that raise awareness and understanding of Rand’s philosophy.

Preserve Ayn Rand’s Legacy

The Ayn Rand Archives houses the most comprehensive grouping of Ayn Rand material in the world—hundreds of thousands of artifacts, including her personal letters and journals. Help us make these irreplaceable resources available to scholars and, eventually, the world.

Train the Next Generation

Programs like the Ayn Rand University educate the future thinkers who will apply Ayn Rand’s ideas to every field and explain their relevance to today’s world. Help us train the intellectual leaders of tomorrow.

Support Objectivist Thought Leaders

We work with leading Rand scholars, commentators, and activists to support their research, fund their projects, and build successful careers. Help us create an energetic intellectual movement that builds on Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism.

Build a Worldwide Community

Events like our Objectivist summer conference bring together thousands of Ayn Rand fans every year. Help us create a worldwide network of individuals committed to Rand’s ideas and ideals.

“Why I Invest in ARI”

“I think ARI’s investment in intellectuals—through the OAC, the Anthem Foundation and other programs such as the Intellectuals Network—is really a key part of ARI’s portfolio that I support and that I think should be expanded. I think concentrating on the top-tier intellectuals, allowing them to thrive, to publish and be part of the public discourse on so many issues in which Ayn Rand has an important voice, needs to be supported.”
Infectious Disease Specialist
“I think ARI’s outreach to young people is what personally interests me. I’ve done a lot of speaking on university campuses over the years, trying to reach young people, because they are more interested in ideas. When people get older, they tend to have already decided, and it’s harder to get them interested. I think ARI’s outreach to young people is very important, because the ideas that are prevalent in our universities today are very scary to me. There are strong movements against things that are fundamental to a free society, like freedom of speech, and I don’t think anybody can defend these principles better than Ayn Rand.”
Retired Chairman and CEO BB&T, and Retired President and CEO Cato Institute
“I support ARI primarily from the standpoint of justice—because of all of the values I derived from Ayn Rand’s ideas and from the work of subsequent intellectuals like Dr. Leonard Peikoff and Dr. Harry Binswanger, whose content from the ARI eStore I downloaded and consumed. Those materials have helped me become much more clear-headed in evaluating myself and other people, and allowed me to take actions (or not take actions) for the benefit of my life. So, after I sold my business, I decided, as an act of justice, that I wanted to pay back. This, for me, is a valid use of the term ‘pay back’—to give back to those from whom I benefited, to give back to Ayn Rand. Unfortunately, she’s not around, but her legacy is. So, it made sense for me to support her legacy—again, from the standpoint of justice.”
President, Quest for Justice
“While I give annually to a handful of organizations that do good and important work, I give the most, by far, to the Ayn Rand Institute because it alone is addressing the roots of all of the other values that I care about. Whether an initiative lies in education, medicine, law, or any other realm, no genuine progress can be sustained unless people understand the foundations of the right ideas. This is what Ayn Rand’s philosophy provides. And the Institute, since its inception, uniquely displays the dedication to a careful understanding of Rand’s philosophy along with the integrity to adhere to it that enables it to shine Objectivism’s light around the globe so powerfully. Being in on the Institute’s work by financially supporting it is an easy joy.”
Professor of Philosophy at University of Texas at Austin
“One word comes to mind: benevolence. I have seen over the years an enormous outreach to people who don’t share our ideas, who are shackled by altruism, by selflessness. There is an alternative. When I hear talk about reaching students, having student conferences, I think that’s phenomenal. I think reaching out globally is phenomenal, because you never know where the next Dr. Peikoff or Yaron Brook will come from. ARI has been my lifeline. If I didn’t have ARI in my life, and all I saw as morality were churches and temples, which I dismissed as a really young kid, I mean, what is there? I would have to create my own mongrel morality, which would probably be tortured by altruism.”
Radio Talk Show Host and Author
“I am interested in seeing the world made a better place. Why wouldn’t I want to live in a better world? My view is that the more Objectivism influences the culture, the more rational, cheerful, full of art, and full of great people doing wonderful things it will be—and I’d like to help move that forward. My choice is either to go and become an intellectual myself or to support those who have made that as their career.”
Staff Technical Program Manager,

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