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The key to creating a world where you can pursue your own happiness is advancing Ayn Rand’s philosophy of happiness. That’s our mission. The Ayn Rand Institute:
  • Places hundreds of thousands of free copies of Ayn Rand’s books into the hands of eager readers
  • Inspires thousands of young minds to reflect on Ayn Rand’s novels through our essay contests
  • Shares Ayn Rand’s ideas by making hundreds of hours of recordings from Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, and other Objectivist scholars freely available
  • Illuminates today’s issues through books, articles, speeches, and interviews by today’s leading Ayn Rand experts
  • Trains the next generation of Objectivist thought leaders in Ayn Rand University
  • Preserves Ayn Rand’s legacy through the Ayn Rand Archives
  • Builds a worldwide community of Ayn Rand fans
Ayn Rand’s ideas have already changed millions of lives. With your support, these ideas can change the world.

Benefits to Being a Supporter

With a $100 donation, you’ll ensure that more than 10 copies of Ayn Rand’s novels get into the hands of students interested in her ideas. You’ll also receive:
  • Instant access to an interview of Ayn Rand by her student Leonard Peikoff only available to ARI supporters
  • A free subscription to our print magazine, Ayn Rand Today
  • Insider updates from our intellectuals and students
  • Exclusive content from the Ayn Rand Archives
  • Invitations to special donor-only events including our monthly donor roundtable
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