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National Debate Tournament: Resources for Debaters

Each year, high school debaters go head-to-head to qualify for a chance to compete in the National Speech & Debate Tournament. This year, debaters qualified by making persuasive arguments on topics ranging from whether employers should be required to provide employees with “living wages” to whether or not the United States should commit ground troops to combatting ISIL. In June, top competitors from 110 districts across the country will gather in Dallas, Texas to showcase their skills for the chance to win college scholarships.
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The Smartphone Wars and “Patent Trolls” — What They Mean to You [Video]

There are widespread complaints today that the “patent system is broken” and that the “smart phone wars” and “patent trolls” are killing innovation. Yet patented innovation has revolutionized our lives — tablet computers, smart phones and antiviral drugs are just a few of these modern marvels. How to make sense of this contradiction? This talk by Adam Mossoff answers that question.

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