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The Objectivist Venture Fund Helps Break New Ground

An important new source of funding to help spread Objectivism was announced last year in July. Through the Objectivist Venture Fund (OVF), Carl Barney, ARI board member, has committed up to one million dollars to support Objectivists with imagination and persistence who want to put these funds to good use in advancing Ayn Rand’s philosophy. To date, OVF has received more than forty proposals from around the world and has awarded over $500,000 to projects with well-defined plans and clear objectives.
Science And Industrialization

Fracking a feat of engineering

I recently watched the documentary film FrackNation, an exposé of environmentalist deceptions surrounding the technology of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). One section of the film gives a nice overview of how the technology of fracking works — and it’s really impressive.
Government And Business

Forcing refiners to harm consumers

By forcing refiners to use more ethanol than they think is safe for the majority of intended uses, the government is forcing refiners to choose between creating a product that they fear will harm consumers and facing the legal consequences of not following the mandate.
Science And Industrialization

Green energy: Neither free nor forever

One argument sometimes heard in favor of green energy is that sources such as wind and solar are “free, forever.” Al Gore, in particular, has said repeatedly that to end our “overdependence on outdated, heavily polluting carbon-based technologies . . . we need sources that are free forever, like the sun, wind and earth.”

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