The Objectivist Venture Fund Helps Break New Ground

An important new source of funding to help spread Objectivism was announced last summer. Through the Objectivist Venture Fund (OVF), Carl Barney, ARI board member, has committed up to one million dollars to support Objectivists with imagination and persistence who want to put these funds to good use in advancing Ayn Rand’s philosophy. To date, OVF has received more than forty proposals from around the world and has awarded over $500,000 to projects with well-defined plans and clear objectives.

Here are some examples of these projects:

LIBEK from Serbia

Proposal by Petar Čekerevac

This will build awareness, understanding and acceptance of Objectivism in the Western Balkans through outreach to Students for Liberty chapters in Belgrade by means of entrepreneurial networking activities, social media campaigns and a localized web presence and a John Galt school.

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels Marketing Program

Proposal by Alex Epstein

This will support the marketing efforts for The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein, and drive three primary outcomes: (1) guaranteeing thousands of people are exposed to the book and a new perspective on fossil fuels, (2) generating support for the book outside of the industry and (3) raising the visibility of the book and its message.

Online Undergraduate Journal

Proposal by Raghav Bansal and Joey Levy

This will support the production of an online undergraduate journal at Columbia University that will present an Objectivist viewpoint on college campus issues, political events and philosophical debates. Viewer-Base Growth

Proposal by Jared Rhoads

This will accelerate the growth of the viewer base for Health Policy Watch, an online resource for serious, curated videos about health policy that seeks to raise visibility of free-market and Objectivist ideas by placing them alongside mainstream positions.

The Undercurrent

Proposal by Margaret Malewski

This will support the resources required to significantly increase student involvement in activist, study and social clubs focused on Objectivism. The Undercurrent has developed a new strategy to more effectively engage students on selected campuses.

If you’re an Objectivist with a passion for advancing Ayn Rand’s philosophy and a clear, new way to do so, you’ll want to take advantage of this unique financial opportunity. Submit your online grant proposal to learn if you qualify for support from the OVF. Learn more.