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Government And Business

Message to Future Doctors: You Matter

Tonight I’m speaking at a panel event for medical students at Georgetown University. Titled “The ACA and the Evolution of Our Health Care System,” the event will explore how Obamacare impacts doctors. The event is organized by the American Medical Association’s chapter on campus.
Government And Business

Medicine: The Death of a Profession

We go to doctors because we want their expert medical judgment on what’s ailing us and how to fix it. In the Wall Street Journal, Zane F. Pollard, a pediatric ophthalmologist, writes about what’s routinely interfering with his ability to exercise his best judgment when it comes to treating his patients: government regulations.
Government And Business

One Doctor Says “Enough Is Enough”

In the Wall Street Journal, Daniel F. Craviotto Jr., an orthopedic surgeon, writes eloquently about the government’s increasing intervention in the practice of medicine. He illustrates some of the ways (though there are many more) by which the government has come to increasingly control doctors’ time, efforts and income — i.e., their lives.
Government And Business

Who can argue with sunshine?

A little-known section of Obamacare called the Physician Payments Sunshine Act will start being enforced this year. The Act treats all doctors who collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry as potential criminals whose private financial affairs must be exposed to the world by government order.
Government And Business

Where Can I Find a Doctor?: A Question Only on an Unfree Market

Next year Obamacare will give more than thirty million Americans completely subsidized health care under Medicaid, or mostly subsidized health care under the state exchanges. As the demand for health care will dramatically increase and the supply of medical professionals able to service that demand will remain essentially unchanged, we can expect to experience things like longer wait times for surgery, having to drive further to visit a specialist and even the possibility that no doctor in drivable distance is accepting new patients.

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