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Join Us Today on YouTube: Amanda Maxham on Organic Food

Today, October 19, you are invited to join Amanda Maxham, ARI research associate, as she will argue that so-called organic foods aren’t healthier, safer or better than their conventional counterparts and that the organic label represents the wrong approach to food entirely. Maxham will also respond to questions from both the local and live stream audiences.
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Coming up: Amanda Maxham on The Good, the Bad and the Organic Food

Concern about the safety, value and production of food is prompting a growing number of shoppers to fill their grocery store carts with food labeled “organic.” But despite a reputation as the “Cadillac of foods,” organic foods aren’t healthier, safer or better than their conventional counterparts. The growing popularity of organic is rooted in consumers’ belief that when it comes to food, “natural is better.”
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Anti-GMO Activists ♥ Russian Authoritarianism

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently told a group of leaders from rural settlements that when it comes to food technology, he will be calling the shots. Sneering at the success of biotechnology in America, he declared his decision that farmers and consumers will not be able to import or grow the most technologically advanced crops.

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