Read Now: “Patents Are Property Rights, Not A ‘Bizarre Regulatory Lobby’”

The other day, published an article by a friend of ARI, namely Adam Mossoff, professor of law at George Mason University and Director of Academic Programs and Senior Scholar at the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property, in which he takes on policy analyst Mytheos Holt’s argument that patents are not property rights:

As a matter of first principles, individuals should own the fruits of their productive, value-creating labors. This moral principle applies equally to the farmer who harvests crops, the person who builds a new home, and Samuel Colt’s invention of the repeating firearm. It also applies to Thomas Edison’s world-changing inventions and to the tens of thousands of other patented inventions that have driven America’s innovation economy for over 225 years.

Read the whole article here.

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Objectivist Summer Conference 2017 celebrates productive heroes. The conference includes a series of stimulating sessions on significant human achievements, and one such session is Adam Mossoff’s “Life, Liberty and Intellectual Property.”

In his talk, Mossoff will address the nature of patent rights, emphasizing the Founding Fathers’ moral achievement in securing patents and other intellectual property rights in U.S. law.

Known for leading the charge on intellectual property rights, Mossoff has testified before the Senate and the House on patent legislation, and speaks and writes extensively on the issue.

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