Defending Free Speech: Campaign Finance Laws vs. Free Speech

Today there are many threats to the individual’s right to free speech. Observe, for example, those who want to use so-called campaign finance laws to regulate and, thereby, suppress speech during political elections. Some even want to overturn Supreme Court decisions that properly recognize the free speech of organizations and corporations.

In response to such threats to free speech, we recently published, Defending Free Speech, edited by Steve Simpson, in which ARI intellectuals make an uncompromising case for the individual’s unconditional right to free speech. Simpson argues that “silencing people is the point of campaign finance laws.” As such campaign finance laws are inherently incompatible with freedom of speech and, therefore, don’t belong in a free society.

Learn more about the dangers of campaign finance laws and join the battle for free speech — order your copy of Defending Free Speech today!

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What are others saying about Defending Free Speech?

“In the land of the free, the freedom of speech is being quietly but methodically destroyed. In the razor-sharp new book, Defending Free Speech, authors Simpson, Ghate and Journo make the indispensable moral defense of why this basic human necessity must be defended with renewed urgency. Highly recommended!” — Jonathan Hoenig, Fox News contributor,  

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