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ARI Gives Away Its Four-Millionth Free Book

On February 8, the Ayn Rand Institute celebrated a significant milestone in its Free Books to Teachers program. Robert Begley, development specialist at ARI, presented a framed copy of ARI’s four-millionth free book, The Fountainhead, to Bayside High School English teacher Allan Weissmann. This is particularly noteworthy because 2018 happens to be the 75th anniversary of this best-selling Ayn Rand novel.
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On the Front Lines in the Battle for Western Culture: An Evening with ARI Authors Elan Journo and Steve Simpson [Video]

In this panel, ARI authors Elan Journo and Steve Simpson discuss the subject of their books, why they concentrate on issues like free speech and Islamic totalitarianism, how ARI’s predictions over the years illustrate the power of the Institute’s distinct philosophic perspective and what everyone can do.
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Apply to ARI’s Summer Internship Program

With the March 29 deadline approaching, apply today for ARI’s summer internship program to become one of the twenty to thirty college students or recent graduates who come to intern each June at the Ayn Rand Institute in sunny Southern California.

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