Apply to ARI’s Summer Internship Program

With the March 29 deadline approaching, apply today for ARI’s summer internship program to become one of the twenty to thirty college students or recent graduates who come to intern each June at the Ayn Rand Institute in sunny Southern California.

Our internship program offers you the opportunity to spend three weeks immersing yourself in Ayn Rand’s ideas, acquiring valuable professional experience and making new life-long friendships.

You’ll also receive a $1,200 scholarship and a $500 travel and living stipend.

Interns come from a variety of academic backgrounds and careers, and no prior knowledge of, or agreement with, Objectivism is presupposed or required. ARI interns express their views freely in an open, respectful learning environment.

Application deadline: March 29, 2015. Official transcripts are required and must arrive by the deadline, so act quickly to obtain them from your institution.

Don’t wait! Apply today!