Turn Giving Tuesday into Trading Tuesday

Since 2012, the Tuesday following “Black Friday” has been publicized as “Giving Tuesday.” Touted as a remedy for the selfish commercialism of the holiday shopping season, the idea is that charitable contributions (“giving back”) will relieve the guilt you’re expected to be feeling.

Ayn Rand observed that, while there’s nothing wrong with helping others who are worthy of help when you can afford it, charity is not a moral duty. More importantly, she thought people should act on the “trader principle,” freely exchanging value for value to mutual benefit.

So today turn #GivingTuesday into #TradingTuesday by contributing to an ARI program that advances your values — placing Ayn Rand’s novels in the hands of thousands of students.

An anonymous donor has pledged to match #TradingTuesday contributions to ARI, up to $50,000.

Our goal is to raise $50,000, which with the matching funds would result in a total of $100,000. This amount could provide 20,000 free copies of Ayn Rand’s novels to classrooms — the equivalent of books for an entire state as part of our Free Books to Teachers program.

Your contribution between now and today at midnight will help ensure we reach this goal. This holiday season, introduce kids to Ayn Rand’s ideas and turn Giving Tuesday into Trading Tuesday!