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Tara Smith Discusses Her New Article on Religious Exemptions

A new article by Tara Smith, professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin and BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism, highlights her recent interest in the subject of religious exemptions in the law. “Religious Liberty or Religious License? Legal Schizophrenia and the Case against Exemptions,” published in the Journal of Law & Politics, “seeks to demonstrate that religious exemptions are unjustified in theory and corrosive, in practice,” according to the article’s abstract.
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Read Now: Tara Smith on the Value of Religious Freedom

A new article on the value of religious freedom has been published in the Arkansas Law Review by Tara Smith, professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin and BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism. “What Good Is Religious Freedom? Locke, Rand, and the Non-Religious Case for Respecting It” is aimed at accounting for the source, nature and value of religious freedom.
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Devaluing Secular Government?

The idea of separating religion from state was a major advance in political thought, yet massively undervalued. So much so that many in the West take it for granted. Two recent articles — one about Pakistan, another about France — underscore how that idea deserves greater appreciation and strengthening.
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ARI at Freedom Summit Chicago 2015

On November 14, 2015, ARI will be at Freedom Summit Chicago 2015. Onkar Ghate, Don Watkins and Carl Svanberg will be presenting ARI’s perspective on issues like freedom of religion, immigration, inequality and educational freedom.

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