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The Sacred Self: Ayn Rand On Abortion, Foreign Policy and Environmentalism [Video]

Contrary to conservatives, Ayn Rand supported the right to abortion; contrary to liberals, she opposed environmentalism; and contrary to libertarians (and others), she upheld a firm, assertive foreign policy. What unites these seemingly disparate positions? And what explains the moral fire with which she expressed her views on these issues?
Science And Industrialization

Policy Digest: Environmental Issues

Mike “The Health Ranger” Adams, founder and director of the popular health news tabloid website Natural News, recently posted an article calling for the death of scientists, journalists anybody else who has written favorably about the technology of genetic engineering. Adams declared anybody working to improve foods to be the equivalent of Nazis perpetrating a holocaust on the world.
Science And Industrialization

When I Think of Genetic Engineering, Crippling Humanity Doesn’t Come to Mind

When I think of the future of genetic engineering, I imagine new and innovative varieties of food. I envision crops that practically grow themselves come rain or come shine. I hope for foods that are specifically tailored to an individual's nutritional needs, apples that don't turn brown when sliced or perhaps even a grocery store tomato that actually tastes good.
Science And Industrialization

GMO stands for God Move Over?

Scanning the web for slogans and catchphrases that slur biotech crops rouses the usual suspects: “frankenfoods,” “our kids are not lab rats” and “GMOs are not food.” Sometimes slogans can be revealing of how anti-GMO activists really boil down an issue.

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