Science And Industrialization

Solar Bird Killer

Turns out that windmills are not the only form of “green energy” that slaughters birds. As if being whacked to death by large steel blades weren’t bad enough, how about being fried by an intense solar death ray?
Science And Industrialization

Genetically Modified Monday (#GMOMonday)

On the steps of the Salem, New Jersey, courthouse in 1830, legend has it that a daredevil named Robert Johnson elicited gasps from the crowd when he announced his next trick. Some remarked that he would be dead before morning; others simply watched in horror as he held aloft a small red object.
Science And Industrialization

Fracking a feat of engineering

I recently watched the documentary film FrackNation, an exposé of environmentalist deceptions surrounding the technology of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). One section of the film gives a nice overview of how the technology of fracking works — and it’s really impressive.

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