An Earth Day “Pop Quiz” You’ve Got to Take

Over at Breitbart California, my colleague Keith Lockitch has just published an Earth Day pop quiz: “What is the ‘most ethical meat’?” I won’t spoil his surprise answer, but here’s a little of what Keith had to say:

Environmentalism, at root, is opposed to the idea of people treating nature and its creatures merely as resources to be exploited for human benefit. Environmentalists will block the pumping of water to the parched, dying fields of California farmers for the sake of a three-inch fish. They’ll fight the construction of a new congestion-easing freeway bypass so as not to disturb the dwarf wedge mussel. They’ll even obstruct the development of a solar power plant in the Mojave Desert for fear of impacting the desert tortoise. . . .

The problem with the environmentalist worldview is that it flies in the face of the basic needs of human life. The deliberate, purposeful, productive use of material resources is precisely how human beings survive and flourish.

Read the whole piece here.