The Road to a Free Society: ARI on Tour

Every day at ARI, we see evidence that America and the profoundly important values it represents are under attack. From America’s self-crippling foreign policy to the entitlement state that threatens to bankrupt us, the policies that our leaders follow threaten to destroy the qualities that made this country exceptional.

At ARI, our cadre of experts challenge these policies and the ideas that motivate them. We know that to promote a free society, we must advocate the proper ideas and principles. Each day, our experts are thinking, writing and speaking about those ideas in an effort to engage Americans across the country and to work with them to change the direction of our country and its culture. A huge challenge, indeed!

To meet that challenge, ARI will host a number of speaking events in key cities during the next ten months. Titled “The Road to a Free Society: ARI on Tour,” the talks will be hosted in Irvine, Chicago, New York and the San Francisco Bay area each month from September 2014 through June 2015. The tour will highlight the work of ARI’s experts in applying Ayn Rand’s views of individualism and capitalism to the cultural and political issues of our time. These talks are a key component of our plan to move America toward a freer society in the years ahead.

Here’s the lineup for the next ten months:

  • September — Keith Lockitch

The Sacred Self: Ayn Rand on Abortion, Foreign Policy and Environmentalism

  • October — Don Watkins

End the Debt Draft: How the Welfare State Is Exploiting Millennials

  • November — Steve Simpson

Cronyism, Corruption and Government Power

  • December — Onkar Ghate

Religion vs. Freedom

  • January — Yaron Brook

How Goes the Battle

  • February — Rituparna Basu

Medicare Turns 50: Should We Celebrate?

  • March — Elan Journo

America, Israel and the Middle East

  • April — Aaron Smith


  • May — Amanda Maxham

Sowing the Seeds of Fear: GMOs and the Environmentalist Movement

  • June — Peter Schwartz

In Defense of Selfishness

If you are new to Ayn Rand and her ideas, then these talks are a great opportunity to learn how her ideas apply to the most important issues of our time.

If you’re familiar with Ayn Rand and her philosophy, but haven’t been involved with ARI before, this is a great opportunity to learn about some of the work we do at ARI.

If you already support the Institute, we welcome you to come and hear about our latest work. Regardless of your level of awareness about Ayn Rand’s ideas, this tour is your opportunity to ask questions and engage with our experts.

Please join us.