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Elan Journo to Assess Obama’s Middle East Policy

Barack Obama vowed to reset America’s orientation to the world. He also pledged a radical departure from Bush’s policy. Now, as his presidency comes to an end, two important questions arise: How different has Obama’s Middle East policy actually been? And, how should we evaluate it?
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What Makes the Islamist Movement Tick [Video]

When you look around the globe, the Islamist movement is far from defeated. On the contrary. The movement is strong materially, in its ability to inflict harm, to control territory, to subjugate people. And, what’s more significant: it is strong in its morale, exhibiting an astounding confidence.
Foreign Policy

Special Episode of The Yaron Brook Show on Sept. 12: What to Make of Obama’s Middle East Policy?

When Obama swept into office, on a tidal wave of Hope and the promise of Change, he vowed to reset America’s orientation to the world. Frankly, after eight years of George W. Bush’s destructive foreign policy, you can see why many people would heave a sigh of relief and welcome an ABB (Anything But Bush) commander-in-chief. From today’s vantage — and on the week marking 14 years since 9/11 — how should we judge Obama’s record? Can we judge Obama’s policy without weighing the Bush legacy? Is the Iran deal, as many believe, a crowning achievement? How, more broadly, should we evaluate Obama’s Middle East policy? These are some of the questions I’ll cover when I guest host The Yaron Brook Show this Saturday, September 12.
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The Yaron Brook Show: Living a Flourishing Life

On today’s episode of The Yaron Brook Show, Yaron talks about altruism in practice and the virtue of rationality. Topics included: The terrorist attacks in Denmark; the debt crisis in Greece and the morality of sacrifice; the value of reason and the virtue of rationality; selfishness and charity.
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Brook on PJTV: “A World Without Israel” [Video]

In this panel on PJTV, ARI’s executive director Yaron Brook joins Tammy Bruce, Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle to discuss the current state and future of the Middle East, with a special focus on America’s relationship to Israel. Topics include the Gaza war of 2014; the United Nations; the moral weakness of the West; the role of moral ideas in foreign policy.
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Ayn Rand Institute experts appear frequently in various media outlets, addressing everything from the state of the nation to the state of the culture.

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