ARI News: Media Highlights June 2014

Ayn Rand Institute experts appear frequently in various media outlets, addressing everything from the state of the nation to the state of the culture. Here are some recent highlights:

STEVE SIMPSON IN EDUCATION NEWS Director of legal studies Steve Simpson was interviewed by Education News, discussing campaign finance laws. WVOX’s And Nothing but the Truth and Liberty Express Radio’s Butler on Business also interviewed him on the election of David Brat.

ELAN JOURNO ON THE SCHILLING SHOW Director of policy research Elan Journo looked back on the terror of Tiananmen Square, twenty-five years ago, on The Schilling Show. He also analyzed the fall of Mosul and the “Arab Spring” on WBZT’s Financial Survival Network.

DON WATKINS ON THE RICK AMATO SHOW ARI fellow Don Watkins appeared on The Rick Amato Show to promote his new book RooseveltCare: How Social Security Is Sabotaging the Land of Self-Reliance.

JEFF BRITTING IN THE WASHINGTON TIMES Ayn Rand Archives curator Jeff Britting was interviewed by The Washington Times and KFXR’s The Dan Cofall Show on the upcoming publication of Ayn Rand’s “lost” novel Ideal.