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Yaron Brook and Steve Simpson at Freedom Summit Chicago 2016

On October 29, ARI will be at AM 560 The Answer’s Freedom Summit Chicago 2016. Yaron Brook and Steve Simpson will start the conference with morning sessions, in which they present their radical Objectivist perspective on two of today’s most important issues; namely, the inequality debate and freedom of speech.
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The Trouble With “Rent Seeking”

In Equal Is Unfair, Yaron Brook and I argue that one of the problems with the concept of “economic inequality” is that it lumps together two fundamentally different things: inequality that reflects differences in productive achievement and inequality that reflects some people’s ability to gain unearned wealth. Package-deals like this lay the groundwork for injustice.
ARI News

Join Yaron Brook in Colorado: Hungry Minds Speakers series and the 8th Annual Freedom Conference & Festival

Yaron Brook has been invited to be the next speaker in the Hungry Minds Speaker series.The talk takes place on August 25 at Chinook Tavern in Greenwood Village, Colorado. On August 26 and 27, he will also give two talks at the Steamboat Institute’s 8th Annual Freedom Conference and Festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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