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ARI Presents the Summer Reading List of 2016

Isn’t summer the perfect time to read a good book? We think so. That is why we at ARI have compiled a summer reading list with a selection of great books covering today’s important issues from a distinctly Objectivist perspective. These books address topics such as the inequality debate, the threat from Islamic totalitarianism, the state of American education and other significant issues.
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Winners of the Equal Is Unfair Graphic Contest

Last month, we asked you to show us your skills and create a graphic featuring one of your favorite quotes from Equal Is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality by Don Watkins and Yaron Brook. We received some great submissions and are pleased to announce our favorites.
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The Story Behind Equal Is Unfair [Video]

In this talk, delivered at the Ayn Rand Institute’s Building a Future of Reason and Capitalism conference in Seattle on March 12, 2016, ARI fellow Don Watkins talks about the origins and message of his book Equal Is Unfair: America's Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality, co-authored with ARI executive director Yaron Brook.
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We the Living: Ayn Rand’s Anti-Egalitarian Novel

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the publication of Ayn Rand’s first novel, We the Living. In her foreword to the novel, Rand explains that although the book is set in 1920s Soviet Russia, We the Living is not a historical novel: it “is a story about Dictatorship, any dictatorship, anywhere, at any time” and its goal is to show what “the rule of brute force does to men and how it destroys the best.”
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Equal Is Unfair Launch Event at CUNY Graduate Center [Video]

In this event celebrating the launch of their book Equal Is Unfair: America's Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality, Don Watkins and Yaron Brook discuss why they decided to write the book, the way in which the campaign against economic inequality is threatening the American dream and how Equal Is Unfair not only challenges the anti-inequality narrative but also offers a positive alternative.
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Yaron Brook at Texas Public Policy Foundation: “Equal Is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality” [Video]

In this talk, ARI’s executive director Yaron Brook argues that the campaign against economic inequality amounts to a campaign against reality, freedom and economic progress lead to economic inequality and inequality critics are not motivated by a concern for “the poor,” but by a resentment of the productive and successful.

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