Foreign Policy

Elan Journo on Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

ARI foreign policy expert Elan Journo went on Facebook Live yesterday to share his perspective on the Trump administration’s controversial announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In the video, Journo evaluates the administration’s decision and considers the wider implications for America’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Foreign Policy

“What About the Innocents in War?”

If a war ever breaks out between North Korea and the United States, Americans will surely raise some serious questions about the morality of war. For example, do we have the right to bomb and kill innocent civilians? Even in a war of self-defense?
Foreign Policy

North Korea — What Can One Do?

Is North Korea a threat? And if so, what, if anything should we do about it? Is it, for example, in our rational self-interest to fund South Korea’s military defense? In this episode of The Yaron Brook Show, Brook offers his perspective.

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