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Bernie Sanders and the Inequality Gimmick [Video]

Economic inequality is often equated with “the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.” But inequality doesn’t refer to poverty — it refers to the gap between what different people earn. Why should we care about the gap? Inequality critics like Bernie Sanders have an answer. But is it a good one?
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Bernie Sanders Is Wrong About Sweden

Senator Bernie Sanders loves to cite Scandinavian countries like Sweden as some sort of ideal. Sweden allegedly proves that his “social democratic” vision for America is both possible and desirable. Truth is that Sweden’s economic history proves the complete opposite.
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“Inequality: Should We Care?”

We're told that the gap between the rich and poor is growing. How should we judge that news? Should we care about it? In this debate against James Galbraith of the University of Texas, Yaron Brook, executive director of ARI, challenges the conventional assumptions about inequality, what drives it, and what should be done about it.

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