Fighting Inequality Means Breaking Legs [Video]

If you leave people free, you’re going to get enormous economic inequality because different people produce different amounts of wealth. So how can the government make people equal? Only one way: use physical force to prop some people up and to pull other people down. But how is that fair?

“Watkins and Brook have written the best summary of Ayn Rand’s classic Atlas Shrugged I could imagine in Equal Is Unfair. This is a must read for every individual who wonders about America’s direction these past few years. The American Dream is under attack and this book clearly and succinctly explains the motives of the attackers and the defense which we all must provide. A brilliant piece of work!” — David L. Sokol, chairman of Teton Capital, LLC

Equal Is Unfair is available on March 29, 2016 — pre-order now on Amazon.

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