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Read Chapter One of Equal Is Unfair Today

Don Watkins and Yaron Brook’s new book Equal Is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality will be available on March 29. But you can read the book’s first chapter, “Who Cares About Inequality?” right now:

A few years ago, one of the authors of this book, Yaron Brook, was invited to give the keynote address at the Virginia Republican Party State Convention. Here’s how he started.

I was not lucky enough to be born an American citizen. I became an American citizen by choice. I immigrated to this country. I was born and raised in Israel. I served in the Israeli military where I met my wife of twenty-seven years. And when we got married, after we had fought for our country, we sat down and said, you know, you only live once and we want to make the most of our lives, we want to be someplace where we can enjoy freedom, where we can make the most of the life that we have, where we can pursue our happiness, where we can raise our children to the best of our ability. And we looked around the world. We weren’t committed to any particular place, so we looked around the world and we said, “Where are we going to go?” We chose this country because America is the greatest nation on earth, and really is the greatest nation in human history.

Of all the questions Yaron considered before he made his decision, one that never came up was how much economic inequality there was in America. Like millions before him, Yaron came to America seeking to make a better life for himself and his family: he wanted to experience the American Dream, in which he would be free to set his own course and rise as far as his ability and ambition would take him. Would that put him in the top 1 percent or the bottom 10 percent of income earners in America? It would never have occurred to him to ask, and if someone had asked him, his answer would have been: “Who cares?”

Read the whole thing here.

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