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Ayn Rand Memorabilia Up for Auction: From Ayn Rand’s Library

Up for auction on September 28, 2017, are three hardback books owned by Ayn Rand at the time of her death. All contain penciled marginal notes. Bureaucracy by Ludwig von Mises, Reason and Analysis by Brand Blanshard, and How to Think Creatively by Eliot Hutchinson can all be won even without attending our NYC auction in person (proxy bidding is available). Note: These books will be auctioned singly, not as a lot.
Culture And Society

Yaron Brook on the Meaning of an Independent Life

In this talk at Chicago Ideas Week 2013, Yaron Brook offers an inspirational message to those who are young and still struggling to figure out what to do with their lives: Pick up the novel which fundamentally changed his life for the better, by showing him the meaning of an independent life: Atlas Shrugged.

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