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Watch Now: Ayn Rand Experts Discuss Ivo Van Hove Staging of The Fountainhead

Following the recent Ivo Van Hove international production of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Gilman Opera House, a panel discussion appeared on Facebook Live. The panelists were Gregory Salmieri, philosophy fellow at the Anthem Foundation; Shoshana Milgram, associate professor of English at Virginia Tech; and Ann Ciccolella, artistic director at Austin Shakespeare.
Culture And Society

“Ayn Rand on Humor” by Robert Mayhew

In this short course, philosopher Robert Mayhew presents Ayn Rand’s conception of humor and shows its connection to basic issues in Objectivism such as metaphysical value-judgments, the metaphysical versus the man-made, and the benevolent universe premise.

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