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Watch Now: Ayn Rand Experts Discuss Ivo Van Hove Staging of The Fountainhead

Following the recent Ivo Van Hove international production of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Gilman Opera House, a panel discussion appeared on Facebook Live. The panelists were Gregory Salmieri, philosophy fellow at the Anthem Foundation; Shoshana Milgram, associate professor of English at Virginia Tech; and Ann Ciccolella, artistic director at Austin Shakespeare.
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Anniversary Chapters: Andrew Bernstein Discusses “Atlas Shrugged as the Culmination of the Romantic Novel”

“It always intrigued me that the great romantic writers are impassioned moralists who seek to change the world,” said Andrew Bernstein, the next author in our series celebrating the 60th publication anniversary of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. “Yet in their novels, these authors can only rarely imagine a way for their heroes to succeed.”
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“Ayn Rand on Humor” by Robert Mayhew

In this short course, philosopher Robert Mayhew presents Ayn Rand’s conception of humor and shows its connection to basic issues in Objectivism such as metaphysical value-judgments, the metaphysical versus the man-made, and the benevolent universe premise.
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Watch Now: A Discussion on Ayn Rand’s We the Living

Last week, the Cato Institute hosted a theatrical reading of selected scenes from Ayn Rand’s We the Living/The Unconquered. In the panel discussion that followed, ARI’s Onkar Ghate commented on several topics, including Ayn Rand’s development as a writer, the difference between teaching philosophy and dramatizing it in a novel, and the value of a plot that’s driven by conflicts between good people.
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Inside “A Companion to Ayn Rand”: Harry Binswanger on “The Objectivist Esthetics”

In this final installation of the Ayn Rand Institute’s podcast series Inside “A Companion to Ayn Rand,” Don Watkins interviews Harry Binswanger, a member of ARI’s board of directors and author of How We Know: Epistemology on an Objectivist Foundation, on the chapter he contributed, “The Objectivist Esthetics: Art and the Needs of a Conceptual Consciousness.”
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Spiritual Fuel: Appreciating Various Forms of Art

In addition to the variety of talks and panels on philosophy, policy and self-improvement that will be offered at Objectivist Summer Conference 2016, we’ve added a comprehensive course on esthetics which will help you learn how to find value in art.

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