Obamacare Is Bad for Women

This week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case challenging Obamacare’s contraception mandate. In defense of the mandate, which requires all insurance policies to provide coverage for birth control, Senators Patty Murray and Barbara Boxer write:

It’s not much of a stretch for us to say the Affordable Care Act is one of the most significant pieces of legislation for women in our lifetimes.

In TownHall two years ago, I challenged the idea that women should celebrate the fact that Obamacare requires all policies to cover contraception:

Given that I have two X chromosomes and am not Catholic, you might be surprised to learn that I’m not cheering along. After all, what woman of child-bearing age would be against free, FDA-approved birth control?

But the alternative is not really between free contraception and contraception I have to pay for. It’s between two visions of the American health care system: one in which I’m free to make decisions and one in which that freedom is eroded.

Read my full response, here.