ICYMI: Hamas and Libertarians

Did you hear Yaron Brook’s comments on how some libertarians side against Israel and with Hamas in the current war? (If you missed it, the audio is here.) Walter Hudson, blogging at PJ Media, has done a podcast on that topic, quoting at length from Yaron, and adding his own observations (which are well worth listening to). Echoing both, Paul Mirengoff at Power Line picks up the thread. He goes on to ask whether some of the opponents of Israel may in fact just be anti-Semitic. My quick thought: possibly, in some cases, but there’s definitely the phenomenon Yaron mentions: the antipathy to freedom and progress. These are values Israel embodies, in a region wracked by dictatorship and third-world levels of destitution (despite the oil-wealthy regimes).

For more on ARI’s views on the Israel-Palestinian war, you can find key resources collected here.