Amanda Maxham on GMO Labeling

In her latest op-ed, “What GMO Labels Really Tell Us,” Dr. Maxham argues that the real purpose of labeling Genetically Modified Organisms isn’t to “inform,” but to scare the public into rejecting GMOs:

Proponents of the laws claim that the labels will lead to “informed consumers” making “better choices” about the foods they are eating. That sounds laudable. So what information will consumers actually find on the labels?

Will the labels inform you that approximately 80 percent of foods on grocery store shelves contain genetically engineered varieties of corn, soybeans and other fruits and vegetables? Despite the scariness of the term “GMO,” chances are you ate one for breakfast. People have eaten trillions of meals containing GMOs since farmers first pushed the first biotech seeds into the ground back in the mid-1990s. These foods haven’t caused a single ill health effect.

What really needs to be exposed and tagged with a warning label, she argues, is the toxic agenda of anti-GMO activists. Read the whole thing here.