Help Deserving Students Attend Objectivist Summer Conference 2018!

We are just 10 weeks away from what is shaping up to be our largest Objectivist summer conference ever. With your help we could have over 500 attendees in Newport Beach, California, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead — including students who are able to attend because of our OCON scholarship program.

ARI is working to ensure that no student who wants to attend OCON 2018 is left behind, but our scholarship funds are depleted and we’re unable to fulfill the current demand.

Tuesday, April 17, is no longer just tax day — it is now the day that you can help more students attend OCON than ever before.

Two ARI donors have pledged to match your contributions up to a combined sum of $50,000 to help reach our goal of $100,000 to fund these student scholarships. This support would allow more than 80 students to join their peers at this life-changing event.

Attending OCON has proved to be very impactful for many young people. As one prior OCON student attendee put it:

The conference was an invaluable opportunity to learn about the ideas of Ayn Rand, freedom and reason. I met so many interesting people that are passionate about ideas and can’t wait for the conference next year.

Your contribution between now and midnight on Tuesday, April 17, will help ensure that we introduce more young people to Ayn Rand’s powerful philosophy. Every donation, large or small, helps us grow our student attendance. See you at OCON!

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