Science And Industrialization

Why Did Ayn Rand Liken Ecologists to Vultures?

In her 1970 lecture The Anti-Industrial Revolution, Ayn Rand analyzes the arguments and underlying motivation of the emerging “ecology” movement, the forerunner of today’s environmentalism. Separating legitimate concerns about pollution from the movement’s deeper animus toward industrial civilization and technological progress, Rand explains her view of the proper relationship between human beings and their environment.
Science And Industrialization

The Robots Are Coming

In this episode of The Yaron Brook Show, Yaron Brook discusses the benefits of robots and automatization and the general technological advancement of society. Topics covered include: how technology made our prosperous world possible, why there’s an unlimited number of jobs, the need for a free-market revolution in education and why preparing for the jobs of the future is your responsibility
Science And Industrialization

The Yaron Brook Show: The Risky Business of Zika

In this episode of The Yaron Brook Show, originally airing on September 3, 2016 on AM560 The Answer, Yaron Brook and Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Pittsburgh, discuss the link between Zika and microcephaly (a smaller-than-normal head size), the risk of Zika spreading (further) in the United States, the irrational opposition to possible solutions and the government’s role, if any, in responding to the Zika outbreak.
Science And Industrialization

The Yaron Brook Show: The Climate Change Inquisition

Attorneys General from 15 states are investigating Exxon Mobil for allegedly lying about the risks of “climate change.” The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington free market think tank, became entangled in the investigation when the group received a subpoena seeking information about its funding and activities going back two decades. Many in government and in the environmental movement call this a proper fraud investigation. Guest host Steve Simpson, director of legal studies at the Ayn Rand Institute, calls it an inquisition.
Science And Industrialization

Read Now: The Gene Revolution by Amanda Maxham

Amanda Maxham, research associate at the Ayn Rand Institute, was recently interviewed on Power Hour, a podcast hosted by Alex Epstein, the president and founder of the Center for Industrial Progress. In the interview Epstein and Dr. Maxham discuss the technology of genetic engineering, technophobia and what it means (or doesn’t mean) for a food to be “natural.” Dr. Maxham highlights the promise and possibilities of genetic engineering and offers a taste of what’s covered in her newly published report, The Gene Revolution.

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