ARI Speaker Andrew Bernstein Presents at Record-Setting European Students for Liberty Conference

The fifth annual European Students for Liberty Conference took place March 11 to 13, 2016, at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The title of the conference was Students We Should Remember and many stories were told of past heroes of liberty and why we need more of them to build a brighter future. It was a record-setting attendance year with 908 students passionate about liberty and freedom coming together to discuss and learn more about the issues of our time.

Students at the conference came from forty-two countries across Europe to meet like-minded individuals, attend lectures and participate in interactive workshops with speakers. Andrew Bernstein, one of the Ayn Rand Institute’s speakers, participated in this year’s landmark event. Bernstein gave his talk, “What Everyone Can Do to Promote Freedom,” to a lively, highly engaged student audience. Bernstein also led a workshop, “The Objectivity of Moral Values and Its Importance for Liberty.”

ARI used the opportunity to increase awareness of the Institute and its mission in one of its key target audiences. A one-page ad was placed in the ESFL program and the ARI logo was featured on the conference website. Students from Poland and Serbia manned the official ARI booth, sold English-language books by Rand and distributed information on ARI’s student programs. A banner featuring a selection of Ayn Rand’s books was prominently displayed.

ARI plans to have a presence at the ESFL conference each year. Beyond that, Yaron Brook, ARI’s executive director, will continue to speak to student audiences at ESFL regional conferences to increase engagement with the Objectivist movement.

Pictures from the event can be viewed on the ESFLC Facebook album.

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