Yaron Brook in Georgia, Introducing Ayn Rand

On his latest European speaking tour, Yaron Brook made his first visit to Tbilisi, Georgia. “Tbilisi is a pretty city. A fascinating place, a safe place and a great place to do business,” said Brook.

On October 18, 2016, he gave a talk on the Objectivist ethics at New Economic School – Georgia. With more than 200 people attending the talk, mostly students and faculty members, the auditorium was packed.

The next day, Brook went to the Free University of Tbilisi, where he gave a well-received talk on the morality of entrepreneurship. The late Kakha Bendukidze, Georgia’s former Minister of Economy and later Minister of Reform Coordination, was not only the founder of the Free University, but he was also a champion of free markets and admirer of Ayn Rand. During his leadership, Georgia’s economy was dramatically freed up, thus speeding up the nation’s rate of economic progress.

The current owner of the Free University, who is also a great fan of Ayn Rand, gave Brook a tour of the campus and expressed a great interest in working with ARI and in exploring how to increase the awareness of Ayn Rand and her ideas in Georgia. During the tour, the dean of the university not only praised Ayn Rand, but Brook also noted that the vice dean had Rand quotes on the wall.

“I’m going back to Georgia; there’s no question about that. I’m inspired!” Brook concluded.

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