Why You Can’t Get Rid of Leviathan — So You’d Better Reform It [Video]

In front of an audience of approximately four hundred young Ukrainians at Free Generation Forum 2016, Yaron Brook argues that the ongoing trend of growing government power at the expense of individual liberty won’t end by itself. Brook argues that the battle for freedom is not primarily a political in nature, but educational: we must educate the public about the history, economics and, most importantly, morality of capitalism. The talk is followed by an extensive Q&A, in which Brook answers questions such as:

  • What is the US, if not a free market?
  • Doesn’t the growing economic inequality in countries like Chile prove that something was wrong with the free market?
  • If socialism can’t work, how do you explain China’s success?
  • Don’t you think that too much capitalism and too much socialism is bad, and that what we need is some kind of balance?
  • How come so many American college students end up as leftists?
  • Is it ever justified to use force to achieve or preserve free markets?
  • If free markets are so great, then how do you explain the financial crisis of 2008, which happened after Wall Street was deregulated?
  • What about America’s immigration policy?

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Image: Morphart Creation via Shutterstock.com