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What You Missed on Today’s Episode of The Yaron Brook Show

On today’s episode of The Yaron Brook Show, “Why I Hate Washington, DC,” Yaron discusses his changing views of the nation’s capital. If you missed it, catch up here:



Some highlights:

  • Why Yaron used to love DC and why his attitude has changed
  • The issue that Yaron predicts will dominate the 2016 election
  • How Objectivism differs from libertarianism
  • Why Yaron loves classical music
  • The films that should win big next month at the Oscars

1/19/15 Program Notes:

Hidden in Plain Sight by Peter J. Wallison

“Obama’s Tax Proposal Is Really About Shaping the Democratic Party After Obama” by Neil Irvin

Charlie Hebdo’s Defiant Muhammad Cover Fuels Debate on Free Speech”

Be sure to tune in for next Monday’s episode at 11 a.m. Eastern/8 a.m. Pacific, here.