We’re All Pawns Under Obamacare

At Forbes.com, Wanda Buckley writes about how Obamacare has affected her health insurance:

  • Her insurance policy, which she liked, was cancelled because the government decided it was not good enough.
  • Obamacare is forcing her to buy coverage she doesn’t want or need (which is why, in part, her premiums have doubled).
  • Obamacare outlaws her ability to buy a plan tailored to her needs and lifestyle.

Buckley describes herself as the government’s “pawn” — a characterization which is spot on, applying to every American under today’s health care system.

The government today does not see us as individuals with the right to make choices about our own health care. Instead, over the last hundred years, the government has increasingly forced us to make different choices.

This is why, for example, under Obamacare:

  • Buckley must buy maternity coverage even though she’s had a hysterectomy, pediatric coverage even though her children are adults, and substance abuse coverage even though she consumes only two drinks a year. The government has, for more than 60 years, decided that non-users of certain medical services must subsidize the users (read more, here).
  • Young people must overpay for health insurance. The government has, for decades, decided that young people should be footing the medical bills of those older (read more, here).
  • Almost everyone must buy coverage. The government has decided that people shouldn’t be able to circumvent the myriad wealth redistribution schemes it orchestrates through health insurance (read more, here).

The consequence of the government dictating the health care choices we should be making is that individuals like Wanda Buckley are seen, not as individuals whose interests and desires are to be respected, but as pawns whose lives the government can dispose of for its own schemes.