Upcoming Talk: Should We Be Proud of Obamacare?

Next Wednesday, June 4, I’ll be giving a brand new talk, titled “Obamacare: A Law We Can Be Proud Of?”, at ARI’s headquarters in Irvine, California. Here’s the event description:

Despite Obamacare’s rocky rollout and continuing implementation problems, proponents of the law maintain that the intentions behind the law are fundamentally good. We must bring health care and health insurance to those who need it, they say, no matter what the cost. Opponents of Obamacare unfortunately do not challenge the underlying moral claim, which is why Republicans have been unable to come up with the meaningful alternative to Obamacare they’ve long-promised.

In this hard-hitting talk, Rituparna Basu shows why nothing about Obamacare is “well intentioned” and why the changes Obamacare brings to American health care are a disaster. In doing so, she busts common myths about what caused the problems in the pre-Obamacare market; she assesses the propriety of Obamacare’s central scheme, which places on the shoulders of Millennials the medical costs of older, less healthy Americans; and she illustrates the right path for fixing American health care.

If you’re in Southern California, I hope to see you there. Event details, here.