Today on The Yaron Brook Show: Everything Wrong with President Obama’s State of the Union Address

On today’s episode of The Yaron Brook Show, topics included:

  • Yaron’s review of American Sniper
  • The elections in Greece
  • Everything wrong with President Obama’s State of the Union address
  • The policies Yaron would pass if he were president

If you missed it, catch up below.


1/26/15 Program Notes:


“America’s Middle Class Is Unlucky” by Derek Thompson

“‘Secular Stagnation’ and the Cheap Burger” by Holman W. Jenkins

“Euro’s Big Drop Puts U.S. Economy, Federal Reserve to the Test”

“Should the Euro Zone Really Fear Demon Deflation?”

“Syriza’s Rise Fueled by Professors-Turned-Politicians”

“Membership Rate Falls for U.S. Unions in 2014”

“Hero or Killer? The Ambivalence of the Word ‘Sniper’”

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