The Yaron Brook Show on AM560 The Answer

Did you know that Yaron Brook has a new show that is broadcasted weekly on Saturdays at 4 PM Eastern on AM 560 The Answer in Chicago?

It goes on the air shortly after Yaron’s original show on BlogTalkRadio. And, in the most recent episode, which was broadcasted on February 20, 2016, Dr. Brook commented on the conflict between Apple and the FBI. In case you missed it, listen below.


Tune in live by listening to AM560 The Answer through the local radio station in Chicago. 

To call into the show during airtime on Saturdays, dial (312) 642-5600. You can also email questions to Dr. Brook at

You can also listen to the show live on or on iHeart radio.

If you enjoy listening to The Yaron Brook Show, then make sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes and tell your friends and family about it.

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