The Undercurrent Student Conference: A Post-Event Update

On October 11 – 12, the nation’s only Objectivist campus magazine, The Undercurrent, hosted the first students-only conference devoted to Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism.

Over one hundred enthusiastic students from all over the world, including Canada, Ukraine, Guatemala and Iraq, attended talks and panels covering a wide variety of topics. Talks and panels covered subjects such as the morality of capitalism, Ayn Rand’s view of self-esteem, the relation between the material and the spiritual, the entitlement state, foreign policy, the value of government, and the importance of businessmen and the culture’s prejudice against them. The talks and panels were followed by evenings of socializing, networking, food, drinks and karaoke.

“The Undercurrent organized a wonderful conference,” said ARI college programs manager Jeff Scialabba, who worked with The Undercurrent’s director of development Brittney Rivera to arrange ARI’s participation. “It was enthralling to witness students with different backgrounds and mindsets — including free-market advocates, conservatives and Objectivists — come together to learn about and discuss Ayn Rand’s philosophy. The students left energized and excited about continuing to study Objectivism, and many expressed interest in raising awareness of Ayn Rand on their campuses.”

ARI would like to congratulate Ms. Rivera and The Undercurrent on such a successful event, and thank them for the vision and hard work required to make it happen. We look forward to future Undercurrent conferences and to working with the students who attend them.