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The Debt Dialogues [Episode 43]: Peter Ferrara on Entitlement Reform

The Debt Dialogues is a weekly podcast that aims to educate young people about the welfare state and how it will affect their future. In this episode, I interview Peter Ferrara, senior fellow for entitlement and budget policy at The Heartland Institute, on how to address the entitlement crisis. Topics include:

  • Why Social Security and Medicare are not sustainable
  • The importance of coming up with concrete proposals for reining in entitlements
  • Peter Ferrera’s proposals for reforming Social Security and the health care system

In the wrap up, I also discuss the crucial need to avoid appealing to our opponent’s premises when fighting for plans to limit government by ceding the moral high ground — a point I’ve discussed at length in my writings and on my podcast interview with Onkar Ghate, listed below.

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Image: Bruce Rolff via Shutterstock.com