The Adam Smith Institute’s Third Annual Ayn Rand Lecture

On November 3, in London, U.K., the Adam Smith Institute will hold its third annual Ayn Rand Lecture. The public is invited to hear David Sokol, CEO of Teton Capital, give a talk titled “Atlas Is Shrugging: Why We Must Act Now to Defend Free Enterprise.”

Here’s a short description of the talk:

The American free enterprise system was not an experiment or an accident of history, but a philosophical recognition by the Founding Fathers of the importance of providing individuals with the freedom to pursue their self interest. In 1957, Ayn Rand’s extraordinary novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ told of a world whose motor has stopped. In the Adam Smith Institute’s third annual Ayn Rand lecture, David Sokol will explain the continued importance of the message of this seminal work, and how ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is predictive as to the future of the American economy if we fail to act soon.

Read more about the lecture and how to attend here.

At the first Ayn Rand Lecture, BB&T’s former CEO John Allison spoke about the long-term consequences of the financial crisis, and at the second SaxoBank’s co-founder and CEO Lars Seier Christensen explained why Ayn Rand’s ideas are more relevant now than ever.